The New York Times, Washington Post, and New Criterion have all reviewed James Campbell's NB by J. C.

“One part of the TLS no one skips, in my experience, is the NB column, which runs inside the back cover . . . It’s a small treat for readers who make it to the end. From 1997 to 2020, its golden age, the column was signed J.C. This correspondent has officially been outed as James Campbell, a biographer of James Baldwin and a longtime editor at the magazine. He was a good steward of the column, and his best material has been collected now in NB by J.C.: A Walk Through the Times Literary Supplement.”
New York Times

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“‘NB’ might be loosely described as a gossip column for the erudite. . . . James Campbell made it into something more—a uniquely personal miscellany of wit, weirdness and waspish provocation. NB by J.C.—a selection of columns—highlights its singularity.”
Washington Post

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“Catnip to literary types and word addicts.”
New Criterion
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