Amy Nathan in the Baltimore Sun

Posted July 27, 2015 by Mara Brandsdorfer
Amy Nathan , Round and Round Together

Amy Nathan, author of Round and Round Together: Taking a Merry-Go-Round Ride into the Civil Rights Movement, writes in the Baltimore Sun about an eighth grade project on civil rights.MIDDLE SCHOOL HISTORY PROJECT HAS LESSONS FOR US ALLA group of Glen Burnie eighth graders recently became unlikely ambassadors for civil... [Details]

The Wall Street Journal on Davey McGravy

Posted April 27, 2015 by Mara Brandsdorfer
Davey McGravy , David Mason

The Wall Street Journal reviewed Davey McGravy: Sadness suffuses the magical realism of Davey McGravy (Paul Dry, 109 pages, $14.95), a novella-length series of poems by David Mason that explores a boy’s grief after the death of his mother. With the idea that the stories should be read aloud, Mr.... [Details]

5280 reviews Davey McGravy

Posted March 23, 2015 by Mara Brandsdorfer
Davey McGravy , David Mason

5280: The Denver Magazine reviewed Davey McGravy. An excerpt:           This lyrical collection of poems sees Davey McGravey through his grief, delivering him gently back into the realm of           boyhood over the course of its 109 sincere pages. Intended to be read aloud to “children and adult children,”           this... [Details]

Image galleries on Pinterest

Posted March 19, 2015 by Will Schofield
illustrations , photographs

We've added a bunch of images from our books to Pinterest. Take a look: Barry Moser's wood engravings of famous authors (from Literary Genius) Grant Silverstein's line drawings (from Davey McGravy) Vincent Feldman's photographs (from City Abandoned) Photographs from Xan Fielding's books (from our two reprints) Photos from Ill Met By Moonlight (our reprint)... [Details]

Sven Birkerts on The Selected Poetry of Gabriel Zaid

Posted January 06, 2015 by Will Schofield
Gabriel Zaid

Sven Birkerts reviewed The Selected Poetry of Gabriel Zaid for Literal, Latin American Voices. An excerpt: The subject matters of the 42 poems in this collection vary—some are more lyric, others more spiritual, and still others satiric—but their procedure is recognizably that of a single sensibility. Here is a poet who favors... [Details]

Silvano Arieti Postage Stamp

Posted October 23, 2014 by Will Schofield
The Parnas

This Italian stamp commemorates the centenary of Silvano Arieti's birth. Arieti's book The Parnas was one of the first books we published. [Details]


Posted October 22, 2014 by Mara Brandsdorfer
Only the Longest Threads

This article was originally published at   Upon winning the Nobel Prize, Peter Higgs expressed a hope that, “This recognition of fundamental science will help raise awareness of the value of blue-sky research.” By this, he means curiosity-driven research, with no definite goal, no expectation of a practical outcome, research... [Details]