Iron Filings or Scribblings

Eva Brann

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Format Paperback
Pages 266
Size 5.5" x 8.5"
ISBN 9781589881334
Publication Date 2/19/2019
Tags Eva Brann, Philosophy
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As iron filings configure themselves around a magnet, so these essays display Eva Brann’s form of oppositional, or polar, thinking.

To introduce her book, Eva Brann calls up the image of Iron Filings as they "settle themselves along the lines of force that form a field of influence around a bar magnet that has itself been allowed to settle itself in its natural direction. The whole configuration makes, by nature’s wit, a suggestive figure for the thinking mind—at least of a cross-section in its life." So these essays range from Ms. Brann’s thoughts "Of God," "Of Novels," "Of Booklessness," to, well, a surprising diversity of topics which comes, unsurprisingly to completion with an essay "Of Endings." Eva Brann thinks a thought and then thinks a thought somewhat on the other side of the first thought—hence the display of thought like iron filings around two ends of a magnet.


Eva Brann is a recipient of the National Humanities Medal. Her other books include How to Constitute a WorldDoublethink / DoubletalkThen & NowUn-WillingThe Logos of HeraclitusFeeling Our FeelingsHomage to AmericansOpen Secrets / Inward ProspectsThe Music of the Republic, and Homeric Moments (all published by Paul Dry Books).

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