The Envisioned Life

Essays in Honor of Eva Brann

Peter Kalkavage and Eric Salem (editors)

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Format Hardcover
Pages 383
Size 5.75" x 9"
ISBN 978-1-58988-040-5
Publication Date April 2008
Tags Essays, Eva Brann, Philosophy
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To mark Eva Brann's fiftieth year on the faculty of St. John's College in Annapolis, Maryland, twenty-three of her colleagues, friends, and former students have contributed essays, poems, and art to The Envisioned Life. They celebrate Eva's "passion for learning and her deep love of books, her breadth of knowledge and interests, her boundless energy, her mastery of the spoken and of the written word, her virtues of leadership, and her bright and generous spirit."

From the Dedication:

"Eva Brann is more than a prolific author and a beloved teacher. She is also a muse. For half a century, she has inspired her fellow tutors, her many friends, and generations of students to stretch their powers of thinking and imagining…To this Eva, then, teacher and learner, friend and colleague; woman of many ways, traveler in the world of spirit and the world at large, wily, resourceful, and circumspect; lover of books and words and wide-open spaces; light-bearer, cookie-bearer, sailor, and flute-player; multiplex and Yodaform—to this Eva, who has united so gracefully the examined and the envisioned life, we dedicate this feast of words and works."

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