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February's Road

February's Road

John Verney

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With illustrations by the author / 162-page paperback / 5.5" x 8.5" / ISBN 9781589881389 / Publication Date: April 2019

Thirteen-year-old February Callendar is upset to learn that a highway will soon be built through her family’s land. When she sees her father swipe a letter off a neighbor’s desk, she begins to suspect that shady dealings have taken place. Can she unravel the mystery, discover who keeps sabotaging the bulldozers, and, most importantly, save the family farm?

“John Verney is obviously writing far more for his own pleasure than for children’s, and this is the way the best children’s books get written.”—Madeline L'Engle

“Funny, exciting, and deliciously illustrated.”—The Guardian

"Funny and plausible and extremely enjoyable. The illustrations, as one would expect of John Verney, are very good indeed."—Sunday Telegraph

John Verney authored twelve books and illustrated countless others. He lived in the English countryside with his large family, much like the eccentric Callendar family who star in five of his books—Friday’s Tunnel, February’s Road, ismo, Seven Sunflower Seeds, and Samson’s Hoard.

Paul Dry Books also publishes Friday's Tunnel, which continues the adventures of the Callendar family.


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