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Lillian R. Lieber

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Infinity: Beyond the Beyond the Beyond / Edited and with a New Foreword by Barry Mazur / Illustrations by Hugh Gray Lieber / 262-page paperback / 5" x 8" / ISBN 978-1-58988-036-8 / Publication Date: January 2008

Lillian and Hugh Lieber invite you to stretch your imagination "beyond the beyond."

Infinity. It sounds simple…but is it? This elegant, accessible, and playful book artfully illuminates one of the most intriguing ideas in mathematics. Lillian Lieber presents an entertaining, yet thorough, explanation of the concept and cleverly connects mathematical reasoning to larger issues in society. Like our edition of The Education of T. C. MITSInfinity includes a new foreword by Harvard professor Barry Mazur.

Lillian Lieber was the head of the Department of Mathematics at Long Island University. She wrote a series of lighthearted (and well-respected) math books in the 1940s, including The Einstein Theory of RelativityInfinity, and Mits, Wits & Logic.

Hugh Gray Lieber was the head of the Department of Fine Arts at Long Island University. He illustrated many books written by his wife Lillian.

Barry Mazur is a mathematician and is the Gerhard Gade University Professor at Harvard University. He is the author of Imagining Numbers (particularly the square root of minus fifteen). He has won numerous honors in his field, including the Veblen Prize, Cole Prize, Steele Prize, and Chauvenet Prize.

"The interpolations tying mathematics into human life and thought are brilliantly clear." —Booklist

"Her presentation…is conversational and humorous, and should help to simplify some complex concepts." —Kirkus

"Another excellent book for the lay reader of mathematics…In explaining [infinity], the author introduces the reader to a good many other mathematical terms and concepts that seem unintelligible in a formal text but are much less formidable when presented in the author's individual and very readable style." —Library Journal

"A thoroughly magnificent read." —Maria Popova, Brain Pickings

"Mrs. Lieber, in this text illustrated by her husband, Hugh Gray Lieber, has tackled the formidable task of explaining infinity in simple terms, in short line, short sentence technique popularized by her in The Education of T.C. MITS." —Chicago Sunday Tribune

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