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Philadelphia Architecture

Philadelphia Architecture

John Andrew Gallery

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244-page paperback / 5.5" x 10.5" / ISBN 978-1-58988-110-5 / Publication Date: March 2016

Philadelphia Architecture, A Guide to the City (Fourth Edition) provides more than three hundred descriptions and photo­graphs, both color and black and white, of the city’s architecturally most significant buildings. Spanning more than three hundred years, these great buildings char­acterize Philadelphia as unique among American cities, comprising, as they do, nearly every style of architecture found in the United States.

Divided into four sections, Philadel­phia Architecture proceeds chronologically from the founding of the city in 1682 into the early Federal period, through its in­dustrialization in the 19th century, and its growth as a metropolis in the 1900s, con­cluding with the latest buildings, erected in the 21st century. Each entry provides historical and architectural information pertinent to the structure and relates the building to its setting in the city.

This compact guide also includes short biographies of the city’s renowned architects; a building chart, which cata­logues the building types and dates of construction; and maps of ten walking and driving tours, which highlight impor­tant buildings and sites in Philadelphia and the surrounding region.

Philadelphia Architecture, A Guide to the City is a project of the Center for Archi­tecture, a nonprofit institution founded by the Philadelphia Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

John Andrew Gallery received his M.Arch. from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. He has served as Associate Dean of the School of Architecture at the University of Texas at Austin, Director of the Philadelphia Office of Housing and Community Development, and Executive Director of the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia. He is also the author of The Planning of Center City Philadel­phia and Sacred Sites of Center City, both available from Paul Dry Books.

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