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Wilder Good: Silverbelly

Wilder Good: Silverbelly

S. J. Dahlstrom

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The Adventures of Wilder Good #6 / 184-page paperback / 5" x 8" / ISBN 9781589881433 / Publication Date: 1/14/2020

What if everything you thought about deer hunting was wrong? That the biggest deer wasn’t always the best one.

Wilder is back on his grandad’s ranch in West Texas, and a run-in with his dangerous neighbor, Saul, spins Wilder’s head like the blizzard that hits the ranch the day before Thanksgiving. Along with his sister, Molly, Wilder must rethink his ideas about what a trophy is, and how he relates to the wild landscape around him.

Winner of the Western Heritage Award for Juvenile Book

Winner of the Will Rogers Medallion Award for Young Readers

Finalist, Western Writers of America Spur Award for Juvenile Fiction

"Another excellent book in the Wilder Good series"―Robert Pratt, Pratt on Texas

"Spur Award finalist S.J. Dahlstrom has brought this coming-of-age tale to life through his natural, easy writing style and stunningly beautiful descriptions. I have been a Wilder fan from the start, and each subsequent adventure only gets better."Rocky Gibbons, Roundup Magazine

"This wholesome and adventurous story would make a great read-aloud for fathers and sons who hunt together."―World Magazine

“Dahlstrom’s writing reminds me of the books of Jim Kjelgaard who wrote realistic novels that had the gift of drawing in both adults and children. The book (Silverbelly) explores the ethics behind hunting, and the larger issue of where our food comes from. Anyone who eats meat should read this book.”―The Slatonite

"This is an outstanding book to share with your kids, your grandkids, or any other young person with whom you’d like to share the love of hunting and the outdoors―and is even something us 'older' readers will greatly enjoy."―The Journal of Texas Trophy Hunters (Nov/Dec 2020)

Learn more about Wilder at and read his running journal entries about wild stuff.

S. J. Dahlstrom lives and writes in West Texas. He has numerous magazine credits for his writing and photography. The Adventures of Wilder Good is his first series. His writing draws on his experiences as a cowboy, husband, father, and founder of a boys' ranch.

Also available as an ebook:

Praise for S. J. Dahlstrom and The Adventures of Wilder Good series:

“If you like Hank, you’ll like Wilder Good, too.”―John R. Erickson, author of Hank the Cowdog

“Dahlstrom’s superb writing takes Wilder through those anxiety-producing years between childhood and adulthood, when life’s simplest and most important lessons are learned.”―Forbes

“Very family-oriented, very wholesome.”―Lone Star Literary Life

Praise for #1 The Elk Hunt: The Adventure Begins:

Lamplighter Finalist (Triple Crown Awards)

"Among the best books for young boys I've seen in years. This is classic Americana, values and all."―Robert Pratt, Pratt on Texas

"The Elk Hunt is a book for young men's men."―Texas Home School Coalition

Praise for #2 Texas Grit:

Will Rogers Medallion Gold Medal Winner

"Family, friendships and faith converge to provide a thoughtful story for independent readers or for parents reading with their children."―The Christian Chronicle

"I am a big fan of this series. Texas Grit is every bit as insightful and positive as the first one."―Glenn Dromgoole, Texas Reads

"Dahlstrom writes about ranch life with flair and specific detail."―WORLD magazine

Praise for #3 Wilder and Sunny:

Lamplighter Finalist (Triple Crown Awards)

Praise for #4 The Green Colt:

Winner of the Western Heritage Award for Juvenile Book

Winner of the Will Rogers Medallion Award for Young Readers

Finalist, Western Writers of America Spur Award for Juvenile Fiction

"Wizards, zombies and vampires dominate young adult literature. S. J. Dahlstrom adds cowboys, family and faith to the mix."―The Christian Chronicle

"Horse-loving readers will identify with Wilder, and take away positive messages about horses, respect, family, friendship, and never giving up."―Western Horseman

"Wilder loves the outdoors, and the author's appreciation for nature rings true in his writing. The language was rich, and the imagery was vivid. I felt as if I was walking the ranch with Wilder, feeling his pain or his excitement."―The Old Schoolhouse

Praise for #5 Black Rock Brothers:

"Dahlstrom’s Wilder Good books are wholesome, action-oriented stories that encourage boys to learn about their environment, respect others, and read good books . . . Black Rock Brothers, in my opinion, is the best one yet."―Glenn Dromgoole, Lone Star Literary Life

"The story will hook adventure-loving boys while delighting parents with its character-building plot."―WORLD magazine

"Black Rock Brothers is a classic adventure tale, with close calls, big mistakes, near misses, and last-ditch efforts to meet the goal. The success or failure of the mission is almost beside the point; it’s in the journey that the boys will discover their personal strengths and weaknesses. It’s a rewarding journey for anyone, and may just inspire some enterprising boy to put down the PlayStation and start dreaming of his own quest."―Redeemed Reader

"So many wonderful lessons to be learned within the pages of this book."―Old School House Magazine

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