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Then & Now

Then & Now

Eva Brann

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Then & Now: The World's Center and the Soul's Demesne / 140-page paperback / 4.75" x 7.19" / ISBN 978-1-58988-101-3 / Publication Date: June 2015

These two long essays make up a short book, one full of depth and knowledge, in which Eva Brann gets at the roots of our thinking—without tearing things apart.


In the first, Brann parses out the schema and meaning of Herodotus’s The History (The Persian Wars). She writes that Herodotus worked by indirection. Giving a full account of the Persians and the peoples who constituted their empire—and whose empire encircled the Greeks (thus the “Greek center”)—Herodotus delineates the essential difference between the Barbarians and the Greeks. This difference Brann calls Athens’ “elusive essence,” its freedom contrasting with the slavery upon which the Persian empire depended.


In the second essay, the author delves into what it means for a person to unite a disposition toward conservatism with a capacity to reiterate and rehearse events, scenes, and dramas in “the conservatory of the imagination.” To uncover the meanings and consequences of this union—this imaginative conservatism—and the type of soul to which it applies, Brann offers twelve perspectives, starting with “Temperamental Disposition,” and ending with “Eccentric Centrality,” (without ever explicitly focusing on politics). Join her and you’ll find both delight and education.

"...[Y]ou will read Then & Now with deep abiding pleasure, slowly savoring the use of language in its highest locution."—Washington Independent Review of Books

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Eva Brann is a member of the senior faculty at St. John's College in Annapolis, Maryland, where she has taught for fifty-seven years. She is a recipient of the National Humanities Medal. Her other books include Un-WillingThe Logos of Heraclitus, Feeling Our Feelings, Homage to Americans, Open Secrets / Inward Prospects, The Music of the Republic, and Homeric Moments (all published by Paul Dry Books).


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