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Wilder Good: Heartwood Mountain

Wilder Good: Heartwood Mountain

S. J. Dahlstrom

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The Adventures of Wilder Good #8 / 206-page paperback / 5" x 8" / ISBN 9781589881839 / Publication Date: 12/5/23 

When thirteen-year-old Wilder and his friends Sunny and Corndog go down to the river for a horse ride, something panics Corndog into running away. Wilder and Sunny reluctantly return home without him, and the next day a strange man comes to Wilder’s house looking for Corndog. He seems to know an awful lot about the small, red-haired, foster kid's past. So Wilder, Sunny, and another friend, Big, set out to find Corndog before someone else does. If they succeed, can the group of friends convince Corndog to trust the world enough to rejoin it? 

Learn more about Wilder at and read his running journal entries about wild stuff.

S. J. Dahlstrom lives and writes in West Texas. He has numerous magazine credits for his writing and photography. The Adventures of Wilder Good is his first series. His writing draws on his experiences as a cowboy, husband, father, and founder of a boys' ranch.

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